Future Living

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Featured Image for Futuristic architecture by Michael Jantzen

This Michael Jantzen’s M-vironment series of flexible hinged-panel houses which are not only conceptual but functional. Held together with a main frame, people can move the hinged panels to allow in as much light or as little light as they wish. Jantzen’s vision to “reinvent the built environment in order to extend the reach of consciousness” can be seen in all his work at

gray blue modern structure in desert

gray blue modern structure in desert with person approaching


Scifi film noir

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Justin Benzel uses mostly real-life props and effects to create his Scifi photography series, set in 1950s Noir Chicago. Take a look at all his work here:

Underwater World

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Featured Image for British designer brings us a futuristic underwater city

Taken from the Huffington Post:

A British designer has unveiled his updated plans for a futuristic underwater city that almost certainly would not become the stage for a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

The Sub Biosphere 2 (SBS2) was first ‘created’ by Londoner Phil Pauley about three years ago, inspired by the original Biosphere 2 project and his own dreams of living underwater.

SBS2 is conceived as totally self-sustaining, allowing human occupants to live totally separate from the land. It includes eight ‘biomes’ arranged around a central 120m-tall support biosphere. The structure would be a total of 340 metres wide, and half of its living space would be below water even when the structure is above the surface.

Pauley’s designs allow for life-support systems including air, electricity, food and water generation, controlled by a clever use of atmospheric pressure. SBS2 would be able to move vertically above and below water, which would be handy during intense storms.

Underwater Biosphere pods

Underwater Biosphere pods