Re-live Rome and Pergamon

In Architecture, Art on January 24, 2012 at 12:58 pm

The Staatliche Museen in Berlin has given us a chance to be part of the past, in the present. Artist Yadegar Asisi has worked together with the Museum in Berlin to create a true to life 360 degree panorama of Pergamon, derived from his realistic panorama paintings. The panorama will be housed in a special exhibition area set up in the museum where viewers can climb a tower to admire the spectacular digitally rendered scenery, complete with audio samples, lighting and special effects specific to the different time of day.

He has also created a 360 degree panorama of Rome for the Asisi Panometer in Dresden where people can admire the view of the ancient city from the comfort of their safety rail platform.

Quoted from, “His 360 degree view of Rome 312 AD is 27 meters high, 107 meters long and weighs 750 kilograms, making it one of the world’s largest panoramic scenes.”

Ancient Rome in Dresden

Asisi has been creating super sized panoramas since 1994, subjects including Mount Everest and rainforests. He also created the panorama for architect Daniel Libeskind who won the tender for the Ground Zero site in New York.

This is an excellent way to immerse yourself into a different world while remaining in your own.

PERGAMON: Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis is now on until 30th September 2012

ROME 312: Experience the Ancient Metropolis is now on until September 2012



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