In Architecture, Post-Apocalyptic on February 5, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Talk about a unique museum experience- this one is only accessible by boat. This is the ancient city of Seuthopolis in Bulgaria, which has existed since the fourth century before Christ. Back then, Seuthopolis was the capital of a country called Odrissia. It is located within a vast lake, not on an island, but under 20 metres of water. It was discovered when a dam was being constructed in 1948 and when the lake filled up in 1954, the city disappeared under water.

Now, the city is going to be presented to the world in a very ambitious architectural project. A huge circular dike is going to be constructed around the city and visitors will be able to get to the site by boat. These are a few artist renditions of the completed project, looking a lot like prime real estate completely surrounded by seafront views. It is unclear when the project will be finished but it sure looks like something worth waiting for.

For the official website of the Seuthopolis, head over to


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