Best Tailor in the Sea

In Art, Design, Fashion, Surreal on June 21, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Now this is what I call craftsmanship. On the first look, I assumed that the mermaid tail was photoshopped into the photograph. I mean, what isn’t nowadays? You would think that, yes that’s the most effective way to go about it. The Mertailor thinks otherwise.

Eric Ducharme, the original Mertailor (he probably has a team to help him with the workload now) decided to make the tails himself. These are mermaid tails, handmade from quality Latex, Spandex and Silicone materials and are available to buy from the Mertailor’s online shop: So impressive are these tails, that they have been requested countless times to make these specially for movie productions and sets. These tails are also available to rent should you wish to transform yourself into a fantastical underwater creature. They come in beautiful colours and sizes (including kid-sized versions), along with various mermaid accessories like shell bra-tops.

I think what fascinates me besides the astounding detail in the workmanship, is how this rather niche product has become a huge business. Who would have thought there would be a market for mermaid tails?

They have even branched out into making their first MerQueen special- the first ever Drag Queen mermaid calendar!

I have complete admiration for the craft and the talent that goes into making these tails. They are absolutely beautiful. If we don’t solve this looming global-warming situation and the world sinks, I hope at least we would evolve to have tails as pretty as these ones.

Here’s some more pictures that I found on the net for you to gawk over:

The Mertailor himself!

  1. amazing photos!

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