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Underwater World

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Featured Image for British designer brings us a futuristic underwater city

Taken from the Huffington Post:

A British designer has unveiled his updated plans for a futuristic underwater city that almost certainly would not become the stage for a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

The Sub Biosphere 2 (SBS2) was first ‘created’ by Londoner Phil Pauley about three years ago, inspired by the original Biosphere 2 project and his own dreams of living underwater.

SBS2 is conceived as totally self-sustaining, allowing human occupants to live totally separate from the land. It includes eight ‘biomes’ arranged around a central 120m-tall support biosphere. The structure would be a total of 340 metres wide, and half of its living space would be below water even when the structure is above the surface.

Pauley’s designs allow for life-support systems including air, electricity, food and water generation, controlled by a clever use of atmospheric pressure. SBS2 would be able to move vertically above and below water, which would be handy during intense storms.

Underwater Biosphere pods

Underwater Biosphere pods


It’s written in the Stars

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Featured Image for Stunning Photos of Startrails by Noriko Tabuchi

Photographer Noriko Tabuchi takes these stunning photographs of startrails. View more of his work here:







Composite worlds

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Jim Kazanjian worked as a professional CGI artist for many years before trying his hand at composite photography. He describes his work as ‘Hyper-collage’ where every piece is reconstructed on a complex canvas made out of pieces of many high resolution photographs. What results is a beautiful series of dramatic images that seem to portray a dark reality in an apocalyptic future. He cites HP Lovecraft novels as one of his many inspirations. Check out his work at


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Seeming too good to be true, Suidobashi Heavy Industry has produced the first Kuratas- a 4.4 ton robot frame that is able to house a pilot inside. Produced by artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki, the mech runs on a diesel engine and is outfitted with a kinect-based movement interface, touchscreen UI and twin BB gatling guns. It is also able to make calls direct from the cockpit and is customisable in various colours. For a hefty price of $1.35 million, this dream machine could be yours.

Kuratas, the 13foot mech unleashes your inner Ripley, costs $135 million video

See for yourself:

Relics of a Different World

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Just came back from a short trip to Amsterdam and was really taken in by this one bookshop called Joot (stands for ‘Just Out Of Time’). I really liked this bookshop for its strange and varied collection. Somewhat small in size, but very cosy and selling primarily art books and small selection of old vintage pieces, what I found refreshing about this store was that it was very well curated- every single book in that store was considered and the collection became very unique.  They also have an online store at and ships internationally (hooray!).

I was so lucky to get two amazing finds! Both of which are photography books of JAN KEMPENAERS, an Antwerp-based photographer who hits exactly the sweet spot of the style and content of photograph that I obsess with. He takes extremely picturesque shots with a strange dream-like quality.

Above is the cover of his book ‘Spomenik’ which instantly caught my eye as I walked into Joot. What are these? Alien structures? I couldn’t believe that they actually exist on this planet but they do. These ‘Spomeniks’ are monuments in former Yugoslavia, surviving and weathered by the elements. So beautiful and mystical as these sculptures that they could belong to a whole different universe altogether. Kempenaers also did an excellent job on capturing these in such a romantic dreamy way. Unbelievable. Here are some of his photographs which I love:

I could not resist getting his other book ‘Picturesque’ either. A compilation of architecture and landscape work, they reflect Kempenaer’s research into the theme of ‘Contemporary Picturesque’ where land alterations by man has forestalled nostalgia and forces the viewer to take in the beauty of the present as it is while pondering the implications of the future on the environment. I especially love the colouring of his work.

Definitely worth a look through and if you would like to order his books, they are available on his site at


It’s raining rocks and rocks

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It’s not everyday you get rainfall worth 10 times the value of gold, but such was the case in Morocco last July 2011. A Martian meteorite shower descended upon Earth and delivered 15 pounds of Martian rocks, the largest one weighing over 2 pounds.

To give you a rough idea of how rare this occurrence is, the last time there was an untainted meteorite shower was in 1962 in Nigeria. It is known to happen only once every 50 years or so, and has only happened 5 times in human history. There are only 240 pounds of Martian Rock on Earth.

What is so particularly special about these rocks is that they fell fresh- meaning they did not have time to become tainted by earth minerals and other substances, giving us a purer view of solving the mystery of life on Mars.

They look pretty ordinary on screen but it is the story behind them that makes them interesting. Astronomers believe that millions of years ago, something huge smashed into Mars, sending pieces of Mars through space. Every 50 or so years, we are rewarded with these pieces as meteorite showers.

For the full article:


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Talk about a unique museum experience- this one is only accessible by boat. This is the ancient city of Seuthopolis in Bulgaria, which has existed since the fourth century before Christ. Back then, Seuthopolis was the capital of a country called Odrissia. It is located within a vast lake, not on an island, but under 20 metres of water. It was discovered when a dam was being constructed in 1948 and when the lake filled up in 1954, the city disappeared under water.

Now, the city is going to be presented to the world in a very ambitious architectural project. A huge circular dike is going to be constructed around the city and visitors will be able to get to the site by boat. These are a few artist renditions of the completed project, looking a lot like prime real estate completely surrounded by seafront views. It is unclear when the project will be finished but it sure looks like something worth waiting for.

For the official website of the Seuthopolis, head over to

Vintage Aliens

In Art, Design, Post-Apocalyptic, Surreal on February 4, 2012 at 12:36 pm featured these amazing pictures on their site a while ago. They are created by artist Franco Brambilla who merges Science fiction content into a vintage context. What you get are these beautiful compositions of aliens and spacecraft in perfect harmony with everything on earth. As a science fiction fan myself, these made me do a double take as they are so lifelike. The colours are slightly saturated, but it works with the genre. I particularly like the ones which feature perfectly happy families with the strange visitors- makes their human expressions seem even more ironic.

Perhaps this is what future awaits us.

For more of Franco Brambilla’s work, take a look at his portfolio website:

Subterranean Territory

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An unexplored world might just be under your nose, or feet rather. New York Times writer Alan Feuer followed Earling Kagge on a expedition to explore the underbelly of New York, complete with hikes in sewers and rats. Earling is a 47 year old Norwegian adventurer who has been to both the North and South Poles and ascended Mount Everest. He wants to create a new way of understanding cities via their underground infrastructure.

The article includes an extensive detailed twitter-style update of Alan’s entire journey with Earling underground. An insightful read if you manage to get through the 4 page long article- you too would feel as if you have completed the journey yourself. It feels exciting to know that there is a whole other world beneath your very city, just waiting to be exposed. Who knows, in the future half of the world’s population might live in its complicated depths.

For a full gallery and the complete article head to


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Siberian temperatures descend upon Central and Eastern Europe, bringing record low temperatures. What it has also brought is a beautiful series of whitewashed photographs as seen on the website of The Telegraph. Above, a train cuts through a frosty forest in in the Harz national park near Schierke, Central Germany. Snow has such a strange effect in photographs, especially landscape photographs- everything seems to stop in time. Here are some photographs from the series:

Above, a girl looks through the frosted window of a bus.

For more photographs and the full article go to